What People Are Saying About

Why We Need An Actual Revolution and How We Can Really Make Revolution

The following are comments from people who attended the September 22-23 preview showings across the country:

From Isabel Cardenas
An American-Salvadoran U.S. citizen activist since 1960
This country and this world are in turmoil. What Bob Avakian says about having a revolution in Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution—this may be the only answer. This country is preying on people who are not white. They are hunting human beings. Something has to happen. What stands out to me about BA: he has been an activist since he was a young man—BA could see the future is inhuman. Since then, BA has really, always, been on top of what is going on in this country and in this world. In his speech, he talks about the 1960s. There was persecution then, of Blacks, Latinos and others—it’s been going on since the time of slaves. Today, Trump says “Make America Great Again”—but America was never great, it began by persecuting slaves and they took this land by massacring people. In the film, BA is very contentious and conscious of what has happened in this country. BA knows WHY these things are happening—what is behind it all. BA is not a man to be fooled—he can see what’s going on and what is behind everything. BA has it figured out: what has to be done, what Revolution will entail, and the steps that must be taken to get there. I am beginning to think like he does. At my age, I got from BA’s talk a new awareness—BA thinks something has to be done and thinks Revolution is the solution. It could happen, all empires fall. The Trump/Pence regime is trying to control the entire world, like Hitler. This is an example of dictatorship—a fascist dictatorship. Fascism is consolidating all around us—spreading like dominos all over the world. There needs to be work with the masses, which is what BA is talking about. I suggest everyone see the video on October 19—the premiere—people will see and hear what I saw, an awakening to what must be done. All of us, it we truly want to be freedom fighters, we have to follow what BA is telling us, and my god the people of this country and all over the planet need this!