“There can be no communist revolution without communists. This is a plain fact that I see clearly today.”

Reading through the excerpt from Ardea Skybreak’s Science and Revolution really struck me, because I’ve been struggling with very similar things that Skybreak struggled with on her journey as an intellectual and scientist.

Ardea Skybreak said at a certain point a dilemma is posed, where your understanding is too great, where your conscience pangs and you ask yourself what is your life going to be about. Self and wealth, or the emancipation of humanity? At a certain point I just accepted that no matter what the consequences for my life, no matter what I would have to sacrifice, I had to throw in with the revolution. Not just in a “hobby” sense, not just as a secondary pursuit, but as the chief and principal purpose of my life.

I took out a lot of student debt so that I could get a college education which opened up many realms of intellectual activity to me, and gave me the skills for self-study and teaching. During college I began to study revolutionary political theory and history and this radicalized me and developed my understanding to a certain point. And this created two realities for myself. In one reality, I use my abilities and skills and creativity for the sake of achieving some kinda bullshit life in the middle strata living for self and wealth. Netflix and chill. While the flesh of Syrian children is burning off their bones from the U.S. white phosphorous bombs. Or in another reality, I use every ounce of breath, every beat of heart, every ember of passion, and every drop of creativity to fight for a radically different world.

Once I came to understand, on a scientific basis, the root of oppression and exploitation and thereby the means of eliminating oppression and exploitation, I began to grasp that not only is it possible and necessary to emancipate humanity but that it is also righteous. That to serve humanity and fight for its ultimate emancipation is not only the highest calling that a human can be called to serve, but it is also the most meaningful way to live one’s life. There can be no communist revolution without communists. This is a plain fact that I see clearly today.