The BA Institute is pleased to make these materials available to assist in deepening the engagement with the new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian.

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Bob Avakian on The Law, Justice, and Ending Oppression and Exploitation

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Bob Avakian: A Radically Different LeaderA Whole New Framework for Human Emancipation.

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Selected Quotations from Bob Avakian on the Middle East, Israel, Imperialism and Revolution.

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Reprint of “BOB AVAKIAN RESPONDS TO MARK RUDD ON THE LESSONS OF THE 1960s AND THE NEED FOR AN ACTUAL REVOLUTION — Infantile Expressions of Outrage, or Accommodation to This Monstrous System, Are Not the Only Alternatives (PDF)

*Materials to promote Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

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*Ten Week Syllabus for Study and Discussion of the Constitution for a New Socialist Republic in North America.

*Invitation for organizing a Salon to discuss the Constitution for a New Socialist Republic in North America.  Feel free to use this as a model for your own discussion.  (For formal sponsorship from The BA Institute, write to us at 

*Framework and Guidelines for Study and Discussion of The New Communism are available in the back of the book which you can order here, or download the pre-publication manuscript here.