The Bob Avakian Institute is a nonprofit institute organized for educational purposes. Its mission is to preserve, project, and promote the works and vision of Bob Avakian with the aim of reaching the broadest possible audience.

To fulfill this core mission, The Bob Avakian Institute will undertake to:

    • Educate the public about the pathbreaking and provocative philosophical and political synthesis that Bob Avakian has developed over the past few decades
    • Broadly publicize, promote, and disseminate his many writings and talks
    • Field speakers for public appearances, talks, and interviews
    • Develop advertising campaigns and strategies, and produce a wide variety of promotional materials
    • Develop and carry out multiple forms of broad public outreach in all sectors of society
    • Encourage and promote broad social engagement with Bob Avakian’s works and vision including by initiating and organizing book discussions, panels, presentations, conferences, debates, etc. and by participating in such activities at the invitation of others
    • Serve as a source of  information about Bob Avakian
    • Collect and disseminate testimonials from a wide variety of people about the significance of Bob Avakian’s work and its impact
    • Enlist volunteers to creatively develop diverse means of outreach, public relations, web presence, advertising, etc.
    • Encourage a variety of artistic and cultural expressions which will contribute to introducing and familiarizing people with Bob Avakian and his ideas and vision
    • Collect and preserve Bob Avakian’s body of work, in all its forms, and protect its integrity both now and into the future
    • Compile archives of his works and encourage and facilitate study and analysis by high school and college students, academic scholars, and other interested groups and individuals
    • Engage in systematic fund-raising in order to fulfill these objectives
    • Continually evaluate and further develop the Institute’s programs and activities in line with its core mission

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