We are talking about Leader Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP. A very charismatic leader. A very forthright leader. He is before his time, dead on point with his analysis born out of the Black Panther Party. Very committed to what he does—and he does it like none other.

If you look at him and judge him by the white skin you need to look a little bit deeper because he’s lots more than white skin. You have to look at the circumstances that gave birth to him and what he stands for for all those years and continues to stand for.

Bob Avakian is a very great leader and he will do his absolute best whether you get behind him or not. He’s committed to the movement. He’s committed to making sure we have a better world to live in and committed to getting rid of oppression.

You know, when you talk about getting rid of oppression you live in a world that is kind of like a glass cylinder. They are going to throw bricks when the person is pulling the shade, or exposing their deeds. And Bob Avakian has done that like none other. He has exposed their deeds and they are not in the least appreciative of it.

So naturally they will try to throw their darts and attack him at any level and at any point they can. They are trying to pick, prick and find a weakness in his mantle but he has none. He knows that the only way to beat this system is to dismantle this system and break this system and get free of this system. And to create a new system that is above the oppression of all people. He wants a world where all people can exist free of oppression and free of crushing one another to get on top as the capitalist-imperialist does.

None has exposed this movement like Bob Avakian. I learned SO MUCH under my short tenure and studying under the revolution about the way this system operates and the things that they do that are maniacal. Forthright maniacal and deviant in their nature to undermine a populace that has already been downtrodden.

We know the tricks of COINTELPRO—divide and conquer. We know the history. We know how they killed Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, the various Black Panther Party leaders. And not only how they killed the Black Panther Party leaders—how they moved on all of the political organizations of that time to dismantle, disrupt and destroy those movements. So we have history of this.

And Bob Avakian has not been silent about it. He’s not held his tongue. He’s not kowtowed and kissed ass like many other leaders do to appease the government. You’ve got to respect a man like that. You’ve GOT to respect a man like that.

I myself was leery at the first onsight of coming in to the movement. But as I began to read the material and become immersed in the material and do my studies with the RCP I found out that the man was just unmasking a very wicked, wicked capitalist-imperialist bourgeoisie nation that downtrods and grinds the bones of the less fortunate. How do you build yourself on the crushed bodies of others? And this nation has done that like none other nation.

This nations, if ever brought to bear for the crimes—it’s crimes it’s done against the Native American people, it’s crimes it’s done against the African-American people alone! If they were brought to bear for just THOSE crimes they’d have enough to pay. But yet and still Bob Avakian exposes that there is a continued process—they haven’t given up, they haven’t given way to the way they do things, to the ways they operate.

So it’s important to immerse yourself in the knowledge of the movement of Bob Avakian and to support this leader. And to protect him at all costs. Protect him at all costs. Because they have killed enough of our leaders. So we have to form a strong web around him and protect him. Thank you.

My name is Hannibal Salim Ali and I’m a supporter of Bob Avakian.