Dispatches from @BobAvakianOfficial  Revolution 4

In previous messages (especially Number Two and Number Three) I have shined a light on some—but only some—of the monstrous crimes perpetrated by the ruling class of this country. And look at what the U.S. government—Biden/the Democrats, the whole ruling class—is doing right now to Palestine: backing and aiding Israel in carrying out the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinian people, including huge numbers of children.

I know some people say: “Why should I care about things like Palestine, we’ve got enough problems right here that need to be dealt with.”

First of all, you should care because you are a human being. And, the fact is that things will never be made right—and masses of people will never get out of the hell they are in— as long as this system of capitalism-imperialism continues to rule over people here and to dominate the world.

The problem for people everywhere is THIS SYSTEM. This system of capitalism-imperialism that is the force behind the slaughter of people in Palestine is the same system that is causing so much misery for masses of people in this country. Ripping away basic rights, treating whole groups of people as “second class” and less than human. Maintaining many in desperate conditions and driving many to desperate acts. Poisoning people’s minds with this system’s putrid culture and depraved “values”: “do for self and to hell with everybody else”…“get what you want, any way you can”…“pursue your dreams,” while sleepwalking through the real nightmare. Distracting and demoralizing people with dead-end and deadening pursuits. Terrorizing people with brutality and murder by the police, and mass incarcerating people already denied a decent life. All this while this same system robs people here and everywhere of a future worth living in, or any future at all, with the accelerating destruction of the environment and the wars which threaten to go over to all-out conflict between nuclear-armed powers which could wipe out humanity.

All this is why you, why every decent person, should care—and should act to do something about this—to do the most meaningful thing that could be done: to be part of the revolution to put an end to this system, and all the misery it imposes on people everywhere.

So, I’m gonna keep coming back with more about Palestine, and what it has to do with this whole system, and the need for a revolution to overthrow this system at the soonest possible time.