editors’ note: This was an introduction to the reposting on the Aurora Roja blog of the article “Behind the Week of Internet Attacks on Bob Avakian and the Revcoms: Imperialist Fear Mongers and Their Servants.” The translation from the original Spanish is ours.

Unprincipled attacks, based on lies and slanders, on the organization Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights (RU4AR), as well as the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, are completely unacceptable. RU4AR is the only national organization in the United States that mobilized thousands of people in the streets in defense of the right to abortion for months before the decision of the Supreme Court that eliminates this constitutional right, while others advised not to fight to stop this decision. Bob Avakian, based on 50 years of work, has developed the New Communism, a more scientific, revolutionary and inspiring guide to making revolution and emancipating humanity in today’s world, and leads a determined fight to make an actual revolution amidst the great turmoil and crises that are ripping U.S. society apart now. To those who repeat or get taken in by the orchestrated campaign of lies and slanders against this important revolutionary leader, we want to ask: Are you against a liberating revolution in the belly of the world’s biggest imperialist oppressor? Do you prefer that this oppressor continue? In the real world, disqualifying this revolutionary leader without even reading and knowing his work can only serve the reactionary interests of U.S. imperialism. We welcome debate and reasoned criticism, which helps to clarify opposing positions. On the other hand, every decent person must categorically reject snarky attacks based on lies, slanders and insults, which does so much damage to the interests of the people. As follows, we reproduce from one of several articles about these unprincipled attacks.