June 2, 2020

Did Obama really say that? No, not exactly. He said these killings by police should not be normal. But when he was president they were normal—they happened over and over. And what did Obama do about it then? Nothing. Well, he said a few weak-ass words about what a tragedy it was—and then he denounced as “thugs” the Black youth who rose up in righteous rebellion after the police murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. And during Obama’s presidency, the so-called Department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder, repeated the lie that Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was killed by the pig Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. That “Justice” Department refused to file federal crime charges against Wilson, and under Holder it supported every single act of police violence that came before the Supreme Court. Obama might as well have said that it’s alright for Black people to be murdered by police, as long as people like him are president and presiding over this system. So much for things getting better for Black people with Obama as “the first Black president”! And that gets to the bigger truth: Trump is a blatant and vicious white supremacist, but no matter who is president, so long as this system is in power, it will keep on murdering Black people, and other oppressed people—time after time after time. To put a stop to this will take a REVOLUTION to put an end to this system.