by Bob Avakian

June 8, 2020

“Go Vote!” we are told repeatedly, and with special emphasis at times like this when there is a massive outpouring of outrage at the crimes of this system. Sure, go vote—for one politician or another, all representing the very same system that has caused the outrage of police terror and murder in the first place! Go vote—to give a “mandate” (a big “thumbs up”) to this monstrosity of a system, that is plundering the environment, that has white supremacy and male supremacy poured into its very foundation, and is committing countless crimes against humanity every day—and cannot do otherwise. No matter whom you vote for, from either one of their parties, that is what you are voting for. Sure, voting for this system is bound to solve the problems that are caused by this system! How many times will people be played for fools like this?! If you want to make a real difference, instead of registering people to vote, how about bringing people into the revolution?