In July 2014 The Bob Avakian Institute announced the publication of the sampler edition of Break ALL the Chains! Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution in a 32-page booklet with a 4-color cover.

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The Institute has funded the publication of 20,000 of these sampler editions.  This only begins to meet the need and potential for many thousands and tens of thousands of people, especially young people, to encounter this unique revolutionary voice on how humanity can get free. 

If you are a teacher, student, youth counselor, artist, activist, parent, or caretaker who wants to make this sampler available to youths or prisoners you work with, order copies from the BA Everywhere campaign at 

These samplers are being made available free for distribution in prisons, schools and communities courtesy of The Bob Avakian Institute as indicated on a sticker printed on the booklet. Donate so that this work—and all of Avakian’s work on the strategy and vision for a new wave of communist revolution—can be known and debated; can lift hearts and minds to the real possibility for a whole new world.