Bob Avakian a “cult” leader.  I’ve heard this kind of talk for a long time, and each time it comes up what do these forces who spread this accusation reveal about themselves:  no engagement… absolutely no serious engagement with anything Bob Avakian has written.  Show me where, in anything Bob Avakian has written, or in his talks, where he says his work shouldn’t scrutinized.  People mustn’t be intellectually lazy and just swallow this talk about “cult.”  There is something called objective truth—and people will be played for fools if they refuse to realize there are people who DO speak the truth (and there will be forces who don’t like that and want to stop it).  And that includes the truth about what the problem and what the solution is—no one else, other than Bob Avakian, shouts “Revolution—Nothing Less”—with real substance, and over many decades.  

People should ask themselves what is “objective reality”?  How to solve the problem of dismantling this capitalist-imperialist system?  That’s different from judging people by what they’re ancestry is or promoting the idea that there are many different versions of reality.  We hear about micro-aggressions and they are real, but what about the macro-aggressions that tie us all together, and a revolutionary leader who speaks to all of that?   These attacks include the accusation Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and Revcom is a pyramid scheme!  Vicious and unprincipled.  Well, if your “identity politics” is not connected to dismantling this system, you are shuffling chairs on the Titanic, and for some this also now means joining the camp of counter-revolution.  Bob Avakian has pushed a hard scientific line for a long time.  Its right for those who grasp it to stand on it, and for those who’ve never seriously engaged Bob Avakian: find out about what Bob Avakian is saying about objective reality, about the problem and the solution, and the principles that must guide the revolutionary struggle.

Brother B In The Streets
Educator, California