When Bob Avakian and the RevCom’s take a principled position and cut through the bullshit, when they show this attack on women and the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a fascist attack, when they show how the Democratic Party is conciliatory with these fascists (refusing to mobilize the people), when in contrast to giving in and capitulating RU4AR mobilizes thousands of young women…  it is at this point these forces go after Bob Avakian because he is telling people what is behind the curtain.  Vicious attacks on Sunsara Taylor… because she TOOK A STAND!  When Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights started, Sunsara Taylor and others from RevCom made it clear:  we have to hit this and we have to hit this hard and mobilize the masses to fight to make sure things don’t get to where they’ve gotten, with Roe overturned and new horrors now happening.  The forces who launched this attack have no answer other than to pretend these attacks are not as serious as they are.  Their program is… bankrupt.  

Which Side Are You On?

But more:  this is counter-revolution.  Accusations about misappropriation of funds is being spread.  This is an attempt to discredit, to delegitimize, to create suspicion.  This can do damage by creating distrust among people who don’t know the real.  Its all old game but it can be effective.  Rather than a solidarity movement, look how the forces spreading lies about BA and RevCom have sunk to the level of Alex Jones!  Let’s be real, the forces spreading this disinformation DESPISE the very idea of revolution—so much so that they envy the shock jock Alex Jones and want to be him… spreading lies, slander and disinformation.  More than shameful… attempting to destroy legitimate protest? This is what fascism does! 

Since when do cults fight to liberate women, Black people, LGBTQ, and wage the fight against capitalism and imperialist war—describe a cult that engages in that?

And because people out there can be lazy and won’t “back check”, this bullshit “cult” charge can get over among some.  Just blurt out “CULT” and because people don’t practice science that can also take on wings.  Isn’t the question whether what BA is saying is true, or not, and where will it lead if its promoted and followed.  Of course none of the “leaders” of this bourgeois capitalist set up (or these “self-appointed leaders of the women’s movement” who spew groundless accusations) endorse Bob Avakian… they would rather have people turn away.  Now their mouthpieces—even some so-called “progressive journalists”—work to cut people off from Bob Avakian before his ideas spread, before BA’s new ideas have a chance to catch on.  That IS what is happening here.  No way should we allow this.

Why did Malcolm X place the Republican and Democratic Party leadership in the same canine family (foxes and wolves), and why is that relevant today?

This is dangerous.  The forces behind these lies and slanders know this.  They know about COINTELPRO.  They know about Malcolm X.  What happened to Malcolm when he said the Republicans and the Democratic Party – they got the same game going.  We know what happened and that can’t be allowed to happen now.  It’s slander, its libelous, but I say listen and read BA.  Look at the facts.  Look at his principled approach.  Is what BA saying true?  Or not?  That’s the question.  Do you disagree?  If so, say so.  Debate is welcome, I know this from years of experience with the RevComs.   But whether you agree with the need for revolution, or not, these counter-revolutionary attacks must be exposed and denounced; EVERYONE really does need to take a basic stand against this outrage.

D. Ocean
Health Care Practitioner