I am a documentary filmmaker who has made several films including about Howard Zinn and author Nelson Algren. I taught at several universities. I am not a fan of The Intercept. My view is that Bob Avakian’s POV (Point of View) is a very well-thought-out condemnation of a broken system. I found the red baiting by The Intercept to be a reminder that the liberal wing of the Cold War leftovers are the ones who led us to racism and a disastrous war. Their red baiting is what I call the non-thinking Left. I have no idea what they stand for, they don’t have any original thinking and this is one reason why they so often end up on Fox News. Another reason: they are bought. Let me remind these so-called progressives that we need all voices to fight against this tyrannical system. Instead, they seem to define opposition to neoliberalism as a cult. For having a different thought? Which is possibly coming from people (like Bob) who think beyond the emptiness of these so-called progressives?! They are cranks tied to their belief in a broken system. To me, The Intercept and the other attackers seem to be opportunist cranks.