by Bob Avakian

When a white supremacist Trump supporter killed 2 people (and seriously wounded another) who were taking part in protests against the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Trump condemned those protesting but never said a word against this murder. Not only that, but prominent supporters of Trump—Tucker Carlson of the fascist Fox “news,” Ann Coulter, and others—justified and even glorified this murder of protesters.

Did Trump denounce (or even “distance himself” from) any of this justification and glorification of this white supremacist murder? No. After saying, in one of his rants during the Republican “convention,” that “Second Amendment people” could “take care of Portland in a day,” Trump supported armed “Second Amendment” white supremacists mobilizing to attack protesters in Portland, Oregon, and he called on these “very fine people” to “take Portland.” (Someone, apparently a Trump supporter, was killed in the course of this white supremacist attack on the protests in Portland.)

Trump is encouraging what he hopes will be a one-sided civil war, in which the armed forces of white supremacy (and other horrific oppression) will wipe out anyone protesting violence by police and terrorize everyone who opposes, or simply does not fit into, Trump’s program for a fascist America.

(If you still think this is an exaggeration—going too far to say this about Trump—then you still don’t know who Donald Trump really is. Look for Part 10: the very real danger of Donald Trump as a genocidal racist.)

* Genocide means killing off a whole people, or a large part of that people. Genocide is what the Europeans did to the native peoples in America, while stealing their land. Genocide is Hitler and the NAZIs murdering six million Jews. Donald Trump is a genocidal racist.

Donald Trump hates Black people, and everybody who is not a “white, English-speaking, Christian American.” If he could, he would kill off a whole lot of them, and put many of the rest in jail for life, or drive them out of the country.