June 4, 2020

There is nothing brave or “bad” about Trump, with his threats to use the military to violently attack people protesting against the murder of George Floyd and all the racist brutality and murder by police. Anybody can act “tough” when they are calling on a massive machinery of violence and destruction, like the U.S. military, to back them up.

The ones who are showing real courage and heart are the masses of people, of all races and genders, who have taken to the streets to demand an end to this brutality and murder, and have defied curfews and braved assaults from police and National Guard forces.

This truly heroic struggle of masses of people needs to become even more massive, fired with the determination not to stop until there really is an end to everything that is captured and concentrated in the video of that pig in Minneapolis cruelly suffocating the life out of George Floyd—ignoring, with a calm viciousness, Floyd’s repeated pleas for his life and cries that he could not breathe. And people everywhere need to take up and give powerful expression to the demand that the strutting tyrant Trump, the fundamentalist fanatic Pence, and their whole fascist regime, must be OUT NOW!

The greatest act of courage, and the greatest contribution to ending the heartless oppression and the needless suffering of human beings everywhere, would be to finally rise up and bring down this capitalist-imperialist system that has spawned this fascist regime and bring into being a radically different and much better world, on a completely different foundation, without the exploitation, degradation, brutality and terror that is the very basis and means for maintaining this system we are now forced to live under.