by Bob Avakian

While running for president in 2016 Trump declared that “Muslims hate us” (“us” meaning the fascist America that Trump is moving rapidly and forcefully to pound into place). He called for “registering” all Muslims already in this country, and for banning any further immigration here by Muslims. Since becoming president, Trump has instituted a “travel ban” aimed at countries where Islam is the main religion (this “travel ban” was ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court). His fascist followers declare that Islam is “evil” and that all Muslims are “terrorists,” and Trump re-tweets hateful statements from fanatical anti-Muslim fascists.

Once again, this is the kind of thing Hitler did in demonizing and criminalizing those who did not fit his image of a “pure Germanic race.” Besides the 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler, many of these other “undesirables” were also put into concentration camps and killed by Hitler’s NAZI regime.

(If you still don’t think Trump would do something as extreme as killing off large parts of those he has demonized and criminalized, you still don’t know who Donald Trump really is. Look for Part 5: further evidence of Donald Trump as a genocidal racist.)


* Genocide means killing off a whole people, or a large part of that people. Genocide is what the Europeans did to the native peoples in America, while stealing their land. Genocide is Hitler and the NAZIs murdering six million Jews. Donald Trump is a genocidal racist.

Donald Trump hates Black people, and everybody who is not a “white, English-speaking, Christian American.” If he could, he would kill off a whole lot of them, and put many of the rest in jail for life, or drive them out of the country.