From a former prisoner who is now an emancipator of humanity:

Right now more than ever, as society is roiling at the prospect of a new fascist era, it is necessary to get THE NEW COMMUNISM by Bob Avakian out everywhere, everywhere people are rising up and looking for the way forward. This includes among the people who have caught the most hell under this system whether a Democrat or a Republican has been in the White House but whose oppression can take a dangerous, genocidal leap with murdering pigs and racist mobs being further encouraged and unleashed by the election of Donald J. Trump.

Many at the bottom of this society, who have the incredible potential to change the course of history, have continued to fight and kill each other even as a “final solution” team is being put together by their real enemy. We don’t have to accept this and just hope for the best. They can and must be a backbone force for a revolution, a real and necessary all-out revolution that aims for nothing less than the liberation of all of humanity—and we can’t shy away from our responsibility to fight for them, and with them, to be that force that they have to be. They’ve counted for nothing to those who have run this system and they will be counted for even less with fascism’s rise to power, but these are our people and even with all the fucked up shit that they’re caught up in, the potential for them to be emancipators of all of humanity is right there just beneath the surface—it’s in the understanding, the method and approach that they have the ability to grasp right there in the pages of this book. People who seriously grapple with everything that is concentrated in THE NEW COMMUNISM can come out the other end as the fiercest most committed fighters for a whole new world. This book brings to life the need and the possibility to radically change human society not just because it moves you to be outraged at the horrors of this world, but because in this book you will find the method and approach for digging deep to unearth the reasons for those horrors and how to uproot the shit that’s causing them.

Gangbangers, prisoners, basic youths selling dope to get by, all those who feel that the only thing they got going for themselves is the fear that other people have for them can be inspired to transform by getting into this book, not because it wags a finger at them and condescendingly tells them “you’ve done wrong” but because it shows them that the world doesn’t have to be this way, that there is a way out, that they are capable of much greater things than the shit they’re caught up in, and that they have the leadership we all need in Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, taking the risk and the responsibility to play the vanguard role that is needed now more than ever.

I have a deep understanding that this is possible because I myself have been caught up in all the dangerous, life-stealing shit that goes on among Black and Brown people and continues even after having been captured and thrown behind prison walls. Internalized all the bad things that were said about people like me, I did the harmful things that makes people fearful of us down here. I changed because I engaged Bob Avakian. I changed because rather than fear or feel sorry for people like me, BA saw our revolutionary potential and has been fighting to get us to rise to meet that potential, and I changed because people donated money to help get the works of BA into my hands. If you want to see the people this system has no future for other than prison or an early death come forward in the fight to remake the world, then you have to help get THE NEW COMMUNISM into their hands.

The truth is that win or lose, the struggle ahead will involve a tremendous amount of sacrifice and humanity’s best chance of survival will largely depend on whether or not a critical mass of frontline forces is steeped in revolutionary theory, scientific theory they can understand, grab ahold of and wield, theory that they can get from THE NEW COMMUNISM. People from all walks of life and different sections of society have to contribute in any way possible to make that happen.

Donating funds is an incredibly important way to contribute right now because getting this out in the biggest way possible is one of the most urgent needs immediately before us. People who need this revolution the most, more often than not, cannot even afford to buy a book, even when that book contains the way out of the miserable conditions they find themselves in. And frankly, we can’t pay for these books out of thin air, it’s going to take massive funding. If you have the means, reach deep into your conscience and deep into your heart and give as much as you can to make it possible for those that this system treats as human garbage to get their hands on THE NEW COMMUNISM by Bob Avakian. We have the ability to change the way we think and treat each other, to be the people of tomorrow as we fight the reactionary forces of today.

You don’t have to live through it to be able to see that people who are currently shooting each other and living from one crime to the next can transform themselves, and you don’t have to live through it to be able to help bring about that transformation. Right now, you can help forge the force that is needed not only to resist fascism, but to get rid of the whole goddamn system from which it arose by donating as generously as possible to get THE NEW COMMUNISM into their hands.