New York City
September 2022

When I was in prison, we used to study all this Marxist literature. Lenin and Marx, and it was very difficult to understand. When I got out of prison it all started to make sense to me when I started reading Bob Avakian and the RCP. I was involved in different organizations when I got out of prison. I wanted to be part of something revolutionary, something radical. I got into different things that weren’t really radical and wasn’t speaking to me. I didn’t really get it. I was backing away. But I met the people in the RCP. BA was breaking it down.

I went with Raymond Lotta when he was lecturing around the country. You know that Tour, Set the Record Straight. I listened to that whole thing and he was always quoting from Bob Avakian. I had been swayed by all this stuff about Stalin having killed millions of people and I was struck by the scientific approach to understand what actually happened there. What were they facing and what were the problems in the revolution and what we need to learn from that and what we need to do. This party and this leader is the leadership we need.

BA’s whole approach to everything that’s going on in the world is a scientific approach. I haven’t seen anyone else who could do what he does in that way.

I’d like to say to all those people that’s dismissing Bob Avakian to go fuck yourselves.

Go Read, The New Communism and Conquer the World. Go Read the Constitution and that other one, Phony Communism is Dead… or this new article you brought me (“Something Terrible, Or Something Truly Emancipating…”) and then tell me this is not the leadership we need.

I learned to trust science. It’s like that story, if you don’t have science you can’t get past what’s obvious. In the absence of air and friction if you drop a 100 pound dumbbell and a feather from the top of a building, which is gonna hit the ground first? That’s what you need science for. It’s not obvious and most people can’t see it. They don’t know that they gonna both hit the ground at the same time because without friction everything falls at the same rate!

I have never seen anybody to apply science to understand the world and the problems of humanity and break it down like Bob Avakian.