Freddie Latrice Wilson

Someone trying to volunteer to help you, trying to save you. And you seem like you don’t care. You have to criticize the person trying to help you. If you want to use a recent example there is Martin Luther King, he was for the righteous. He was trying to support the people. He got murdered because he was trying to tell people the truth, he was trying to get people together. And they killed him for it. We still have someone like Bob Avakian risking his life, taking his time trying to help people.

Stevie Wonder can see this shit—I’m a man, but I see how a woman feels about her rights. You’re damn right a woman has the right to say whether she is going to have a baby. It is so wrong that people have the power to tell people how to live their life. And to have someone strong enough to stand up and support you—there should be more people in the world today out here supporting Bob Avakian and the revolution. Anyone who cares about people.