Why People Should Come Out to BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS

“Bob is like a Black leader but he is bigger than that” he is an emancipator for everybody.  

When I say “Bob’s like a Black Leader” it’s because most of our leaders stood up against what’s wrong and tried to make a change in our community—and that’s what he do—but not just for our community, for the whole world.

When African-Americans, Blacks, what not, when they say “we need a leader” they mean we need a voice to speak about the conditions they in that they face every day from like police brutality to Black on Black crime. So Black people say they need a voice. That’s why I be like, “Bob is like a Black leader but he is bigger than that” he is an emancipator for everybody. Cause he touches on things that happen in our community today all the way back to the establishment of this country. He teaches REAL Black history. He shows us how to stand up—not for only our family and friends, our loved ones—for everybody. He tells you it is not only y’all going through this it’s 10’s of millions of people going through this.

Hearing BA I know the world could be different because these are everyday things that people be talking about but he puts it on a bigger scale—not just in our community but he shows the oppression that’s happening all across the world and he start from the root of it. And when I be reading it and hearing him—how he takes it all the way back and then he bring it to today’s terms it shows you how the world is. It gives you that voice that you need that we don’t hardly understand because we dealing with these situations individually.

When I be listening to BA I be knowing these things be going on but I don’t know that understanding or that basics that he teach to present it to my people the way he do. I know it could be different because he says things people don’t want to talk about. To a whole multitude of people it crushes them every day and they just forced to deal with it—we forced to deal with it. And then we forget about the problem. And that’s wrong.

March 9, 2013