I have been following the writings and speeches of Bob Avakian for more than 4 decades now, yes, from the time that I was very young man.

During the last 4 decades whatever I have heard and learned from BA has been nothing but standing with the oppressed and working men and women all over the world. I think it is his internationalism that makes some chauvinists incensed. Bob Avakian is not only defending the masses of the world but feels responsibility to lead people out of this mess and towards a better future.

As I said during 4 decades, what I have heard from him is ” Revolution Nothing Less” for a communist World!

I have to say these kind of attacks on BA and Sunsara Taylor and Revcoms, especially after they have been standing with women and fighting for their right for abortion, is more than just a reactionary attack on these individuals and organizations. This is also an attack for anyone who fights for women’s rights, anywhere in the world.

We must stand firm and keep our heads up and proudly and fully support them and raise our voices and defend them against these anti-communist Jihadist rants, from these so called “lefts” and so called “Progressives” who sound more like Christian fundamentalists and fascists.

Viva BA!
Viva Sunsara Taylor!
Viva revcoms!
Viva Rise Up!