Bob Avakian cult leader? What defines a cult? Bob Avakian’s entire mission is to speak up in defense of the oppressed. For those who are shouting “cult,” why don’t you look up the definition of what a cult actually is—review the characteristics—and then if you are in error retract your cult charge. Or, maintain this accusation and go down the road (or hole) of another “Big Lie.” What type of societal standards does this promote? Who would treat fellow human beings with such unfairness?  

I don’t know Bob Avakian. I’ve never met him. But from an objective view, what I have seen and heard, through his writings and lectures, is Bob Avakian is an analytical thinker who looks at all of society with a sure-fire reading. With an accurate interpretation, he captures reality with foresight. My first awareness and knowledge of Bob Avakian was through Refuse Fascism protesting the illegitimate election and inauguration of Donald Trump. We challenged the discriminatory Muslim Ban and the cruel separation of children and babies from their mothers at the border, and we called for massive resistance to drive the Trump/Pence regime out. The current issue at the forefront of Avakian’s involvement is for a woman’s right to choose. There is nothing in such a demand that could rationally create confusion.

There is a call to justice for Bob Avakian, who has been a dedicated resister of oppression—that is what I see. “Big Lies”—haven’t we heard and seen enough of Trump, Alex Jones and the like with their barrage of lies and the impact and damage caused, with all the chaos and confusion undermining truth, and now “cult” to attack and denigrate Bob Avakian? Pyramid scheme? Again we need the dictionary! It is quite the norm for organizations to receive donations to support their work—why single out Bob Avakian and the RCP? This is just another slanderous accusation. We cannot allow falsehoods and “Big Lies” to run rampant and go unchallenged.