Unlike those who are attacking BA with ridiculous lies and accusations of him being a cult leader, BA has not settled in and made peace with this system. He did what all those who are taking shots at him refuse to do, he’s seriously approached the question of whether a different world beyond this murderous system of capitalism-imperialism, with all its unspeakable horrors is really possible, what has to be done to deal with the whole scope of the problem, not just find some niche within it.

Above all else, and in sharp contrast to everyone else, BA approaches the question of human emancipation and what it will take to get there scientificallyseeking and following the truth wherever it leadsnot by “centering marginalized voices” and accepting bullshit as truth because somebody oppressed says it. The masses of oppressed people suffering so unnecessarily under this system deserve more respect than that and no self-respecting person should be willing to be catered to and fawned over solely based on their identity or oppressed condition.

If we want to act in the interests of the oppressed masses of the world, there are real and serious questions that we have to grapple with. What is there a material basis for in this real world, which means not how we think the world should be but what is actually possible? Can we truly get to a society where people’s needs are met without having to go through a global network of sweatshops producing everything, where the environment isn’t being destroyed in the process, where imperialist gangsters aren’t competing for resources and markets and threatening nuclear war? Do we have to just accept the degraded condition of women, the mass incarceration and police murder of Black and Brown people, the persecution of immigrants driven all across the globe by poverty and misery caused by this system? If the current system is maintained and enforced by powerful and vicious repressive forces, under what conditions could it be possible to defeat them and replace this system? What can people do now to help bring about the most favorable conditions where organized revolutionary forces had a real chance to win?

BA has given his entire life helping to answer these questions and more. He is someone with tremendous commitment and heart for the people and it is absolutely sickening to see so many attacking him in such a low level way and his groundbreaking work being so facilely dismissed precisely at this historic juncture where huge splits in the ruling class and in society are widening, where the current trajectory is leading to something truly horrible and will continue to get worse unless a growing number of people learn about and take up the leadership, strategy, science, and vision forged by BA.

Everybody mindlessly parroting or falling for piggish lies and slanders needs to get their head out their ass and raise your sights. Don’t worry about whether you will be accepted within the gutter that claims to be “the left” and ask serious questions and demand serious answers. Criticism is fine and necessary when it comes with real substance instead of personal attacks. What is the analysis and what are the opposing views and aims held by different organizations and people in relation to what has to be done about the overturning of Roe v. Wade or whatever injustice moved you to care about the state of the world? Don’t approach the struggle against injustice and looming fascism by shopping for ideas that you can readily agree with while dismissing those that make you uncomfortable. Confront the stakes involved and follow the truth wherever it leads even if that means breaking with your long-held beliefs.