(Translated from Spanish)

I’ve been a witness of a BA’s talk that only could be described as spectacular and much needed today. In it there are many valuable things for discussion and it poses impressive objectives that deserve the effort to get this project of the BA’s movie off the ground. All this effort yearns for giving voice and inspires the possibility of a radically different world from the exasperating nightmare in which many live today. Read more…

The threat of mass incarceration and a war worse than the current one that hang over many people. A life sunk in misery and human degradation from which many yearn to free themselves. These powerful reasons suffice to support this nascent revolutionary movement.

As a supporter and sustainer, I want to encourage others to join and contribute with money and other ways to this valuable revolutionary project. Many will think that you are dreamers—it’s real sad to think that we have lost the ability to aspire to a better world and that we must settle for what exists. We cannot ourselves be blind and ignore the painful reality that exists for many people here and around the planet. Since unfortunately we live in a world based on exploitation and subjugation to put it in Marxist terms. A world which we want to change. We have to be participants and contribute in various ways to achieve this objective of liberating humanity. The Party is working in that direction and needs your collaboration and financial contributions in order to carry out projects for creating a revolutionary movement that can succeed in its objectives. I am convinced that another world is possible, and we must contribute with our efforts and money to support those who commit themselves and are true to this cause. But the conformists must be shown that there are people whose understanding of how this system functions has led them to take up an advanced, revolutionary position that seeks the good of all of humanity. We really have to make enormous contributions in order to achieve this high-sights objective which could benefit the world. We must have the world in our mind. Because what the people really need is a revolution!!!

March 3, 2013