We come from a theocratic fascist country and have experienced living under such a regime, with our own flesh, skin, and eyes. We have been able to escape from that hell, to another. As women who have been fighting for the rights of women in Iran and around the world, we strongly condemn these horrific and vicious attacks against Rise Up, Revcoms and Sunsara Taylor and specifically Bob Avakian. In our view these vicious and orchestrated, attacks on Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights that came just one day after ROE was overturned in U.S. These anti-communist slanders tabloids are based on outright fabrications. They did not go against the fascist Supreme Court but, instead attacked Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and organizations and individuals that have been raising awareness and the need for breaking all the chains of slavery on women. They attacked Sunsara Taylor, one of the initiators of Rise Up, and attacked Bob Avakian, the architect of the New Communism, who is leading people to fight against a fascist future in a country that claims to be the land of democracy and freedom for all in this country and around the world.

The reason for such systematic attacks in our view is that these forces are terrified of the knowledgeable and effective leadership of Bob Avakian who has repeatedly warned against the growth and spread of fascism here in America and the world. They want to close their eyes to this reality, hope it goes away… This is very serious. Despite the efforts of Refuse Fascism, and some others, the American people did not take the threat of fascism, seriously and the events of January 6, did not shake them awake. The overturning of Roe is exactly one of the plans these fascists had in mind.

Not only does Bob Avakian speak the truth about the danger that fascism represents and the future they are trying to impose on humanity, but also he speaks about the possibility of positive and revolutionary change… And we think that it is this, that provokes these so called progressive forces, who fear the possibility of a revolution and that to be a communist revolution.

He writes in “Something Terrible or something emancipating…” which we read in Farsi, he says what we do, and what we do not do today matters a great deal.

I think people need to learn from our experience, and have to be vigilant and not wait till America becomes like Iran’s Islamic Republic… And on the one hand wage principled struggle not only against fascism but also for a different possible revolutionary future. When you see how dangerous these attacks are in the face of these two possibilities, you see how criminal these attacks are.

Ever since we got acquainted with Bob Avakian’s writings, our attitudes towards life and society have changed and it has influenced our thoughts about humanity and the environment and different possibilities.

BA has always emphasized that we need to be consistently scientific and approach everything with scientific methods, we cannot and should not lie to people, instead, we fight for the truth, and do not believe that the end justifies the means. For us, engaging this knowledge and understanding of society and the environment has changed our lives. This has had a great impact on our lives compared to the past, and has increased our appreciation of science with his leadership. And we are doing our best to defend him all the way, because he points to the possibility of a better world that we are not going to let you take away from us!

Today, it is our duty to utterly condemn these vicious attacks and call on people to do the same. We should not let fascism triumph, and do our best to unite the people of the world to fight to open up a window to another and a liberated world.