My grandson was fourteen years old when he entered the most dangerous prison in Texas. My grandson was put into prison with adult men. He was scared and put up a brave front. He was often involved in fights and one time he was cut from his ear to his throat. He received no visitors because his family resides across the country.

We, his family reacted like most families when he went to prison. We thought if he did the crime he must serve the time. How wrong we were.

My relationship with my grandson is practically non-existing. I feel very hurt and feel that I was robbed of my relationship with my grandson.

He was robbed of his childhood, his teen years, and now it looks like his adult years. I miss him. My grandson is bitter and angry.

I am here today, because I have three more grandsons and six granddaughters that I am fighting for. But I’m also fighting for the children of the world, and especially the children crossing the border from Central America. I now realized that our babies are suffering, and have no future unless we step up and say NO MORE! NO MAS!

All our babies are our future and in this system that is broken, they have no future. They are being killed off, kidnapped, set up and they are targets. The educational system is failing them, there is no jobs for our youth, there is very few recreation for our youth.

With each day the situation with our youth is getting worse. When they gather they are called gang bangers and drug dealers.

Our kids are like sitting ducks, this society is taking their lives. Like a spider that forms a web that traps its prey.

Having a loved one incarcerated is hard on their family. Money is needed for their cigarettes, hygiene, etc., money for calls that is really expensive, traveling back and forth to and from prison. Our loved ones have to fight for their life in order to survive, they are angry about the conditions they suffer in. Sometimes they are given nasty tasting food, showering in cold water, their health declines, they are often depressed and have mental health issues. They are placed in the hole, isolated.

We need to wake up and realize that we live in a society that don’t care about women, the poor, the middle class, people of color and especially children. That is why we need to get the word out globally that there is a movement that calls for change. In order to stop the suffering, the abuse, racism, attacks on our people, we need to face reality.

I had to wake up and deal with cold reality when I met up with BA (Bob Avakian) and the Revolutionary Communist Party. I also learned that there is a way out of this madness. That as BA says: “those the system has counted as nothing can count for a great deal.”

I encourage each and everyone to listen to BA speeches, to watch his videos, to read his books, to talk to the members of the Revolutionary Communist Party. To open up your minds as well as your eyes. We can play a part in changing this society. We can start by contributing to the 1000 Years–$1000 for BA Everywhere campaign.

The money being raised is to get the word out into the world that there is a leader that is willing to stand up for the people and to create a positive society where people can live a better life. The money is being raised to teach our children to be leaders, to give hope to those that have no hope.

BA needs to be heard throughout the world in order to start changing a broken society that doesn’t care about its people. We are calling for everyone to help spread the word. All genders, all ethnic groups, the young and the old and people from all walks of life.

There are seven links in this piece of the chain. Each one of the links represents a year that my eldest grandson has served time in prison.

July 13, 2014