Why are you attacking Bob Avakian? Someone who is all about justice and making things better for all the people. That’s his goal. That’s how I see Bob Avakian. We can’t allow rumors to be spread. Anyone who spreads lies about people and groups, such as the lies spread about Bob Avakian and Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights—anyone who spreads disinformation and targets those who are demonstrating on behalf of others being persecuted and oppressed, including half of humanity, women—those people spreading these lies are people who really do not care about stopping this persecution and oppression. It could be said they have infiltrated movements for progress and emancipation.

Bob Avakian is a worldwide leader. Jesus made a revolution against the Roman Empire, telling the truth. Today Bob Avakian is revolutionizing against injustice, and is for abortion rights. I’m not comparing Bob Avakian to Jesus Christ, I’m saying you are spreading lies against a communist. I’m a religious person, and I see Jesus as being the first communist. That is why Jesus was crucified. And with Bob Avakian, you are attempting to carry out a modern-day cancellation of a man trying to do good. Bob Avakian talks about revolution. That is why you are spreading the lie about Bob Avakian being a “cult” leader. If anybody leads a “cult” its Donald Trump. It takes millions and millions of people for there to be a revolution—here is a man who is trying to bring forward a revolution and a new society and people are lying about him, defaming him.

The Supreme Court is part of the dictatorship that exists in the U.S.… ruling and dictating over women! I’m 84 years old, and isn’t this attack on abortion rights about ruling over women? For people against abortions, if you are doing it for religious reasons, just stop. If you believe in religion, then let the women decide what she will face when she dies. It’s her choice. A woman has a right to choose. I do believe that this country has dictators: including the Supreme Court. We can’t allow the dictators to mandate over a woma­n’s body. 

Isabel Cardenas
Salvadoran-American Activist Since 1960