“BA makes it clear that it does not have to be this way”

Comrades, I just finished watching the new film by Bob Avakian, the architect of the new synthesis of communism: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution, this film made me realize that the situation that humanity is in right now is not something we should aspire to continue for generations to come, but it not only points out the dire consequences of this capitalist-imperialist system, but BA makes it clear that it does not have to be this way. There is a scientific approach that the masses (most oppressed) can take to emancipate themselves and all of humanity. The masses can make revolution if they take the proper time to prepare in order to succeed in overthrowing the system. 

Society is at a tipping point. Bob Avakian, passionately speaks about the outrages happening with the killings of brown and black people mainly youth by police that serve only to protect the interests of the ruling class. BA, lays out the science behind the approach to go for revolution with a real chance to win. This really inspired me to continue to pursue the emancipation of those exploited and oppressed under this dehumanizing system called capitalist-imperialism. Bob Avakian, states historical facts about the “Great America” of the past and there is nothing great about it. This country was built by fear, terror, and horrors by white supremacists. BA says that white supremacy goes hand in hand with capitalism, they are interwoven and tightly stitched. He gives us two choices, live under this system, or make revolution. With so much violence being done to the most defenseless and oppressed people in this country, they need to wake up and see that these horrors are being committed in their own backyards. BA, has a solution, he had an approach, it is to replace this system of private appropriations with a system where wealth is socially produced and also wealth is socially appropriated by a government that has the people’s interest at heart. He says that the bridge between these two worlds is revolution. This is possible as long as we do it right. 

I’m in prison, and people here have begun to feel that it is time to do something. I believe that if prisoners had a chance to see this film and other talks by Bob Avakian, the revolution condition would begin to ferment. He calls on us behind bars to stand up to the injustices going on around us. He believes in our revolutionary hearts and he knows that it is not our true essence to be criminals, that this system has caused the situations we’re in and we were trapped by the system. He calls on all the oppressed and exclaims that we must be prepared when the revolutionary situation comes by putting in the political and ideological work.  

The revolution has already started! We must refer to HWCW [HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution] our working document for revolution and get with the “3 Prepares.” Bob Avakian says that the reason for revolution is focused on the “5 Stops.” If anybody reads the “5 Stops” they would see that this system must be overthrown. We have the strategy, science, leadership, and program for revolution. I am ready to help build the ranks for revolution and get organized. I’m already gaining influence in here with some of the prisoners and if I can plant the seed in them maybe it’ll grow and blossom into a full blown revolutionary force.  

Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution, a film by Bob Avakian, is a compelling and critical description of what is actually going on in society and that analyzes what needs to be done and breaks down the need to go for revolution. It was thought provoking and an eye opening account to the state of the country. I highly recommend anyone who cares about humanity to check this film out and get with the revolution and get with Bob Avakian.