Here are words and phrases that should never be used in the wrong way by anyone who hungers for a more just world: “officers” to refer to police, and “the President” to refer to Trump. Police should not be referred to as “officers,” but “murdering racist pigs,” for that is what they are. Trump should not be referred to as “the President,” but “the racist pig-loving fascist in the White House,” for that is what he is. Next time you are watching “mainstream” television, every time you hear them refer to cops as “officers” and refer to Trump as “the President” make a sound (like “beep!”). Check out how many times you end up making that sound. These “mainstream” media use these terms this way (“officer” and “the President”) to show respect and “lend legitimacy” to what should never be respected and made “legitimate”: brutal oppressors and institutions of oppression! Why do these media do this? Because they are also an arm of the same oppressive system—the system of capitalism-imperialism—that “the President” and the “officers” maintain and enforce; and, as much as people in these “mainstream” media may dislike Trump, he is still “the President” of their system, and the police are the agents of the repressive and murderous “law and order” of this same system.