Original posted at RiseUp4AbortionRights.org

The following is a copy of the letter Pam Laskin sent to the editor of the hit-piece published at The Intercept attacking Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, as well as Bob Avakian, Sunsara and the Revcoms.

Dear Ms. Renner,

As an active member of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and admirer of the passion, integrity, hard work and commitment of one of its leaders, Sunsara Taylor, I was appalled to read the recent attack waged against Bob Avakian, the revcoms and—in particular—against an institution, Rise-Up, so committed to securing the health and safety of women’s reproductive freedom.

I have been at many of the rallies organized by this group, and their honest and transparent commitment to this cause is to be revered, not bashed. What struck me at one of the earlier rallies—in March, before the Supreme Court came out with their decision, is how willing Sunsara, a spokeswoman, was willing to join forces with all the other organizations marching to defend this sacred right. Though Rise Up has a particular stance (which you naively and disparagingly attacked), she realized that it was critical to inspire revolution as a catalyst to overturn this decision, while also working with any other group after the same goal.

My guess is that you have never even heard her speak or bothered to interview her, because—if you had—you never would have waged a verbal assault on her goals. A new nation of young people are joining forces with this group because they are inspired by her powerful message.

During these awful political times, when truth is a commodity and our current rhetoric is based on lies, wouldn’t you—as a journalist—want to fully investigate your piece, so you are not perpetuating the negativity, lies and danger of our current world?

Shame on you for not doing otherwise.


Pamela L. Laskin
Director, Poetry Outreach
Lecturer, The City College of New York