by Bob Avakian

Recently, in the debate with Kamala Harris, vice president and Trump right-hand-man Mike Pence came up with a ridiculous reply when it was brought out, once again, that Trump has openly supported and encouraged white supremacists. Speaking about Charlottesville, Virginia—where, in 2017, white supremacists attacked anti-racist protesters and killed one of them, Heather Heyer—Trump referred to these white supremacists as “very fine people.” And what has been the defense of this by some Trumpites, including Mike Pence? They say that Trump was not talking about NAZIs and the KKK but only those people who were there, in Charlottesville, defending statues to Confederate leaders and soldiers. Well, those statues are precisely monuments to slavery and white supremacy. And what are people who defend monuments to slavery and white supremacy? Obviously, they are white supremacists. So, what Pence is arguing simply amounts to saying: “Trump doesn’t defend white supremacists like the KKK and the NAZIs…he only defends Confederacy-loving white supremacists!”

Trump clearly does support and actively encourage white supremacists and white supremacist violence. And what is someone who does this? A white supremacist. Yes, Trump is a white supremacist—he is, in fact, a genocidal racist.*

* For further exposure of Trump as a genocidal racist, see Donald Trump—GENOCIDAL RACIST, by Bob Avakian, which is available—as a series of articles and to download as a pamphlet—at  [back]