I write not as a communist but as a left-leaning progressive who respects the remarkable sort of social analysis that Bob Avakian has engaged in for decades. He provides multiple factors through social science, reason, history, culture and economics that allow me to actually “see, judge, and act” as a social worker and professor committed to the preferential option for the poor and marginalized in our community. After analyzing the psychological mob attacks by my own “left” on Bob Avakian and the RCP, I condemn the outright falsehoods and ad hominem vitriol that masquerade as truth without any evidence. The RCP is courageous—more courageous than I—in taking it to the streets. I just wonder if there is an unconscious wish by the left to see Bob Avakian go away to cover up their own paltry activism. As a Christian, I am reminded that in the New Testament, Jesus exhorts that a prophet is never accepted in his own land. These attacks only illustrate the point.

Rafael C. Angulo
Clinical Professor, Field Education
Children, Youth & Families
University of Southern California
USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work