by Bob Avakian

June 18, 2022

I have previously pointed to this horrific fact:

in the period of slightly more than 75 years since the end of World War 2, because of the way the world is dominated by the system of capitalism-imperialism, at least 350 million children in the Third World have needlessly died because of starvation and preventable disease—a number greater than the entire population of this country!*

And this terrible reality of what amounts to mass extermination of children is just one of the truly horrendous atrocities which this system of capitalism-imperialism imposes on humanity.

Do you think that any of these children—or their loved ones helplessly watching them die these terrible deaths—cared anything about what pronouns people use to describe themselves?

I am not here to argue about what pronouns people use—but I am here to argue about what people’s priorities should be: focusing on things like pronouns, or becoming part of a serious revolutionary struggle to transform the world so that the monstrous system of capitalism-imperialism, all the very real horrors it imposes on the masses of humanity, and the very real threat it poses to the future of humanity, will be swept away.

*  See Imperialist Parasitism and “Democracy”: Why So Many Liberals and Progressives Are Shameless Supporters of “Their” Imperialism, and In Light of the Urgency Spoken to in “Something Terrible, Or Something Truly Emancipating”: A Renewed Challenge: Searching For An Honest Liberal Or Progressive. These articles by Bob Avakian are available at and at [back]