Over the years I’ve seen and heard many leaders who have tried to diagnosis the many issues plaguing the Poor community’s . Since 1999 one in particular showed up on my radar, Bob Avakian has been more in tune and aware of the true solutions that’s needed to overcome these issues which existed for far too long! Others have came up with their ideas of fitting inside of the same dam System that’s caused pain and suffering all over this planet! Sounds crazy but it’s true.

Actually Bob Avakian has been fighting against this System of Capitalism and Imperialism since the 60s! And has never gave in to the corruption that has lured numerous others away from the goal of fighting for the people and has published a number of books to enlighten the masses on a real way to defeat this System and its puppets! Visit www.revcom.us for a complete encyclopedia of the books by B.A .

A real leader who refuse to do like so many others is very rare, and should be heard, not ignored. There are those who hear him, take what he says, try to rephrase it to make it their own. What they should be doing is the right thing since they already know that B.A. Is the Architect of the New Communism and like I stated earlier a number of great “Real books” on the subject of Revolution, and the emancipation of humanity. When we have a leader amongst us with this kind information we should be taking it up.

I have heard others and this true, and I’ve heard Bob Avakian, and this is my leader.