Tuesday, November 28, 7:00pm
Teatro SEA,
Society of the Educational Arts, Inc.
107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY 10002
Delancey/Essex stop on the F, M, J

$20 general admission • $10 unemployed/students
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Sponsored by Revolution Books Educational Fund, Inc.
Co-sponsored by The Bob Avakian Institute
This film is not a production of the Society of the Educational Arts. Inc.


Somayeh Kargar, ex political prisoner. Video in Farsi. Read the English translation here (translation courtesy of
Historian Paul Street
Musician and composer Arturo O’Farrill
Writer Coco Das
Filmmaker David Zeiger
Response from People in Chicago to The Bob Avakian Interviews
Michelle Xai of @Revclub_la
A Special Opportunity to Engage Bob Avakian & the Revolution He Is Fighting For, Together with Others

Why You Should Be At The Screening of The Bob Avakian Interviews:

Humanity confronts the devastation of the Earth’s climate… humanity faces the greatest threat of a nuclear war in at least half a century… and, things are coming to a head in this society by the 2024 presidential election, if not sooner, with the direct danger of all-out fascism.

Times Like These Demand a Revolutionary Answer.

Isn’t this a time to come together to engage Bob Avakian, who has analyzed and developed a way out of this madness with a vision and plan for a radically new society?

Bob Avakian (BA) is completely different than the endless stream of bourgeois (capitalist) “leaders” who are put forward, and others who cannot see, or will not look, beyond the confines of this horrific system. He is hard-core for revolution, with a largeness of mind, generosity of spirit, and lively sense of humor—all of which shine through in these Interviews.

If you haven’t seen these interviews, but think you don’t need to, you really don’t know what you need to know.