Invite a speaker from The Bob Avakian Institute to your school, classroom, book club, church, professional association, or host a fundraising salon in your living room. 

More than ever, people throughout society need to know about and engage Avakian’s vision and work. Avakian has developed an understanding of what it will take to get to a radically different world – the scientific method to approach this, a deep analysis of the problem in the system of capitalism-imperialism, the strategic approach to making an actual revolution, the concrete vision and framework for a radically different society to bring about real emancipation. As part of this, he provides an incredibly farsighted analysis of why we’re in the situation we’re in now, including the dynamics that have gone into the rise of a powerful fascist movement in the US, and what must and must not be done to forge a way out. Avakian has further developed, and fought for, a morality and resistance in line with what is required for human emancipation. And his work challenges people to live by and fight for all this today. This whole new synthesis of communism represents a revolution in human thought. 

The speakers, ardent advocates for the new synthesis of communism, can speak to people’s biggest questions and challenge them with the reality concentrated in BA’s work, with largeness of mind and a welcoming spirit. This can be part of opening up a very different, very needed, and very refreshing kind of debate in society.

Contact us at to schedule this and if you are in a place that’s far from one of our speakers, then let’s figure out how to raise the funds together to bring a speaker to where you are and to whomever you can pull together.


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