A message from Bob Avakian, revolutionary leader, author and architect of a whole new framework for human emancipation: the new communism

August 14, 2023

STATE OF EMERGENCY. Masses of people are demoralized and disoriented: robbed of real hope… chasing after deadly illusions… desperately clinging to things that are not real… indulging in trivial pursuits while stubbornly refusing to face the biggest reality… striving to turn degradation into capital… bitterly divided and beefing over bullshit… trying to make a mark by mocking and even murdering each other.

Chain, Chain, Chain—Chain of Foolishness

Today so many are caught up in the “3M & P.”

What is the “3M &P”? ME, me, me… MONEY, money, money… MISOGYNY and PATRIARCHY.

All ways of thinking and acting that reflect and reinforce this system of capitalism-imperialism that so viciously oppresses people, here and all over the world. All constantly promoted and pumped out in the “popular culture,” including in Hip Hop. (How this came to dominate Hip Hop—and how it has actually perverted this creative art form, which could be and should be a powerful voice for liberation—that is another story, which has everything to do with how things are ultimately controlled by the ruling powers that dominate overall in this sick system of capitalism-imperialism.)

These are real chains on people—especially those most terribly, murderously oppressed under this system.

Misogyny: Hating women and subjecting them to degradation in countless ways.

Patriarchy: Relations in which men are regarded as superior to women, and hold power over them, while LGBT people are treated as illegitimate and objects of hatred, abuse and scorn.

Then there is the BEB. What is BEB? Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit: the ridiculous idea that you change this system that viciously preys on you—and millions and billions of people like you, in this country and all over the world—by voting for this group or that group of bourgeois (capitalist) vultures.

And what is another big chain on people—supposedly easing but really perpetuating the pain of feeling hopeless and powerless to put an end to the suffering that so many are afflicted by today? 


What is religion? Organized promotion of the belief that things have been created and are controlled by one or another god, which in reality does not exist and has been invented by people—with so many taught to believe that, if things are the way they are, it is “the will” of this supposed god.

As I have written before: “while upholding people’s right to religion—and uniting with religious people who take positive stands in the fight against oppression—it is crucially important to consistently and resolutely struggle for a scientific, not a religious, method and approach to reality, and wage a fierce, relentless fight against anti-scientific poison spread among the masses of people in the name of religion.”*

Learn to live in chains—bow down to those enforcing the chains, boast about and sing praises to the chains… or break all the chains.

That is the choice.

I know some people don’t like it when I say all this. But I am going to say it anyway, because as a revolutionary dedicated to the emancipation of humanity from every chain that holds people down, I recognize the responsibility to tell people the truth, even if it offends some, at first. And all you who also know this is true: you need to say it too—say it loud.

It is time, and long past time, to break these mental chains, to get in position to break all the chains of the modern-day slavery of this system of capitalism-imperialism. It is time to take up the scientific outlook, method, strategy and program, morality and values that can lead people to finally get free: the new communism. It is time to become revolutionary emancipators of humanity.

Hard truth, liberating truth.


* The statement quoted above (indicated by the *) is from “GOD, PREJUDICE, OPPRESSION, TERROR AND THE WAY OUT OF THIS MADNESS…Oppressed people who are unable or unwilling to confront reality as it actually is, are condemned to remain enslaved and oppressed.” That article, and other important works by Bob Avakian—including those speaking to why this is a “rare time” when a real revolution has become more possible—can be found at TheBobAvakianInstitute.org and at revcom.us. [back]