I was shocked and outraged at the vitriolic attacks on Rise Up for Abortion Rights reported on the July 21 installment of the RNL Show. I had seen nothing about these bogus accusations regarding the Revolutionary Communist Party being a cult, of Bob Avakian being the cult’s leader, of RU4AR being a Ponzi scheme, or of any of these fraudulent accusations in the media. 

Nevertheless, I was impressed with how the RNL Show not only defended RU4AR but went on a revolutionary offensive to combat the false accusations. Clearly the science of studying the history of political repression in this country tells us the dangers of [people] attempting to sic the institutions of capitalism upon revolutionary-minded organizations, movements and individuals. Just the acronym COINTELPRO should be warning enough regarding how far the state will go to defend itself from reforms, let alone deep, sustainable, revolutionary development. 

What we are witnessing with these fake accusations is stereotypical red-baiting/bad jacketing at its worst. The so-called “left” is colluding with reactionaries to attack real revolutionaries because Rise Up is doing solid work and is successful at rallying the masses to defend women’s rights. 

Dr. King warned us our worst enemies would be “moderates” who are “… more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice.” Or as Rafael Kadaris said of the accusers who are supposedly “left” and “woke,” “You hate revolution more than you hate this system!” And as a real-life Tuskegee Airman once told me, “You only catch flak when you’re right on target.” Clearly the RU4AR movement is garnering too many followers and making a difference where it counts. 

My only hope is that these phony accusations backfire and help build the movement into a wave that washes away all exploitation of humanity in general and of women specifically in this time of growing fascist actions against so many sectors of society. Bob Avakian and the RCP, RU4AR and the RNL Show are not only hoping, but working to make this happen through correct analysis of the situation behind the sham accusations and by synthesizing powerful solutions in this current phase of the revolutionary struggle for social justice.