When the stories came out that RiseUp4AbortionRights was a front run pyramid scheme to finance the Revolutionary Communist Party USA and that its members were cultishly devoted to a single old white man it confirmed my hunch that the Democrats were getting desperate and willing to not only hide the truth, but willing to attack the truth by wrapping it up so tight with their own stench of hypocrisy that the common person would be hard driven to unpack the truth out of it all. And the Republicans, of course, happily deferred to the Dems this dirty work. It plays right into their trigger happy fascist hands.

It made me think of the day that CERN Scientists made a huge public event at announcing the “discovery” of the Higgs boson, confirming the Higgs field with everyone giving Higgs a standing ovation that was broadcast around the world.

What if that event had shot across the news wires as “CERN businesses propagandize the God Particle with their blind faith standing ovation to Peter Higgs, their cult leader in order to promote themselves most likely for more funding. CERN costs many billions of dollars. These doddering old men are wasting our time, money, and good orderly direction into the future and should be ignored and refused any affiliation.” This is exactly how stupid the fake journalists sound to me in what they are doing to the RiseUp4AbortionRights movement.

OK, there’s the Creation Museum; why don’t the politicians pooh pooh that as a product of a cult money making pyramid scheme? That would be the truth. They can’t because this society here in the USA truly IS a CULTish society, and the ruling class wants it to stay and get more that way.

I just re-viewed “F.T.A.”, the 1972 movie about the army draftees opposing the Vietnam War and the show that went overseas to help them. I’m slightly younger than Fonda and Sutherland, so I remember clearly. I was politically inactive but antiwar at that time. Today, Bob Avakian has succeeded at keeping that spirit alive continuously up through to today in our present world of military techno-killing and where we are glued to our phones and cable TVs inside our homes. He has been successful at getting more people to retake the streets while most of us are slowly giving up the streets by staying at home.

I became politically active against Bush/Cheney in 2001 following 911. I’ve known about the RCP for about 15 years and enjoy their dedication to scientific truth via political science. Science is my love and belief. I enjoy keeping up with the RCP news and activities. It offers hope and gives a sense of not being so alone in my desire to see society change for the better. What in many people is a dream of a world free of inequalities can be understood scientifically as a real possibility within the scope of complete revolution, an interim socialist government, and finally a true, real, and new communism. First, people must learn that communism is the light at the end of the tunnel, not a train headlight. It’s that simple a start. Then look into it and see what you come up with and what else you can learn and do with others regarding communism, which today is the new communism in its present state of development.

The fact that our society is becoming more and more cultish probably does not strike many people as news. It’s pretty clear everywhere. For the last 100 years the psychology of advertising (propagandizing) has been honed to a fine art. Today we do not even know who is paying for the opportunity to approach each of us online to dumb us down trying to make us placid and lethargic on the important challenges, and emotionally dependent and extreme on the class divisive topics.

The RCP, though, has affiliated with many movements over the years. One of my favorites was when the Matrix movie first came out and we flierd in front of movie theaters with cool material suggesting it was time to “take the red pill” and “drive out the Bush Regime.” What the RCP is doing today is no different than back then.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is a politically scientific movement towards a society that does not allow any community organization or individual to take unfair advantage of one group of people over any other group of people and operates upon laws that put that into effect. And the RCP does a pretty good job dispelling all theories that we could ever get there by incremental changes in the present system. I mean, with all our scientific advancement over the last 50 years, look at where we not only still are, look at where we are going!

Stop and spend a little time looking into the new communism of the RCP and by all means, get back with supporting Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights. Staying on the streets is a critical part of keeping representation of people who otherwise would not get a voice.