On Bob Avakian’s Interviews

I’d like to have the opportunity to say a few words about Bob Avakian, and on the special edition of the “Revolution, Nothing Less!” program, hosted by my dear internationalist comrades, Sunsara Taylor and Andy Zee!

Bob Avakian (BA) is the architect of New Communism.  Namely, after Marx, he has accomplished the second greatest advancement in the science of communism. Fortunately, he’s living and he’s in the process of leading a momentous revolution, in the belly of the capitalist beast of US imperialism.

The New Communism stands on the shoulders of 150 years of great communist revolutions, from the Paris Commune to the Chinese Socialist Revolution, with one goal in mind: To once and for all free humanity and the planet Earth from the class system!

This is why Bob is the most important thinker and the leader of all revolutionaries, he truly wants to free the world from every kind of oppression and exploitation: from Kabul and Herat, to Tehran, Zahedan, Marivan and Sanandaj, to Sulayimaniya and Baghdad, to Damascus, to Diyarbekir and Istanbul, to Bogota, to Mexico City and to Madrid… *

Bob Avakian is someone who doesn’t let people’s attention get diverted from the widespread and continual crimes of capitalist system. He scientifically shows that an oppressor in any shape or form—whether it is of the Islamic Republic rulers or the Taliban or the US, the Russian or the Chinese imperialists—the shape doesn’t matter. They’re all products of the capitalist system.

Using undeniable facts and a sharp and powerful scientific method, Bob has stood against the maniacal hostility towards communist revolution. This is a vital task since communist revolution is the only way to emancipate the oppressed people around the world and save planet Earth from annihilation. If this path forward gets blocked—and it is already blocked to a large degree—we’ll end up with a future in which the current status quo will look like a festive party.

You and I, and all of us who are troubled all day and night about the condition and the fate of billions of people around the world, and especially the enslavement of women, have a responsibility to wholeheartedly struggle against the ruling powers and their system. We need to follow the analysis and scientific method of the New Communism and the leadership of Bob Avakian, in order to understand the source of so much anti-human wickedness and cruelty, and for the way to solve it.

Bob is the foremost theoretician and strategist of revolution in the current era. The good thing is that he’s not only the theoretician of the science of emancipation of the oppressed and exploited human beings, but he has developed the theory, and led in putting it into practice, and raised consciousness about it.

The “Revolution, Nothing Less!” program is a channel that on a weekly basis provides the teachings of such an important and decisive leader, draws on the most important related events around the world, and shows the way to make revolutionary changes.

The interview with Bob Avakian is very educational and lively. In cases when Bob tells us with sincerity that we need to change our thoughts and method of thinking, it’s of the utmost importance. Such a system, led by the despicable Khamenei [of Iran], tramples on our humanity—calls us trash and weeds, and it even wants to dictate what and how we think.  After finding out about such a thing, we start to get angry at ourselves.

Bob is right to say that “oppressed people who do not want or who cannot face reality the way it is, are doomed to remain slaves and oppressed.” It’s not just religion and the religious sects that do not allow a person to have scientific way of thinking and a scientific approach to all events. Many other delusions do the same thing such as the delusion on the possibility of reforming the current status quo and the ruling systems.

Bob says that basic people are an important section of the participants in the revolution.  But those people need to realize why they’re in the struggle! What their goal is! Is accomplishing certain changes within the framework of the existing system their goal? Or do they actually realize that, within the framework of the existing system, no positive change is possible in regards to the horrific crimes perpetrated in this country and generally around the world.

Bob warns us not to call everything revolution.  Revolution means overthrowing this capitalist system in all aspects. It means overthrowing its political structure in all countries, and changing the mode of economic production, all the social relationships, and the old [ways of] thinking and replacing it with a system that, in all aspects and [in the foundation], is different from the society that we have at the present time.

Bob talks about another important reality. He warns the people who live in the US that they are feeding off imperialist parasitism. Yes, your relative comfort is due to the fact that your imperialist governments are oppressing Third World countries. They’re not just exploiting them, they’re super-exploiting them. Your duty is to make revolution in the U.S., and help billions of oppressed people to break the chains of imperialist exploitation and oppression.

Bob’s analysis in a segment of his interviews is very alarming. He says that the fascists have gained the upper hand in the US government.  They believe that tens of millions of people in the U.S. are not legitimate at all, and are not counted as human beings such as gays, transgendered, Blacks, indigenous people, Hispanics and independent women. Both ruling factions in the US are anti-human criminals. They don’t consider billions of people around the world as human beings. With such an outlook, as they have stated, they want to take Afghanistan back into the Stone Ages by putting the Taliban in power.

For an actual example of the positive and growing prospect out of the depths of the current horrifying conditions, we can look at the uprising of women and the youth in Iran. To prevent such historic uprisings from achieving nothing, we must become communists if we haven’t already done so. We need to organize and wage communist revolutions from Afghanistan to Iran to the US.

A salute to the “Revolution, Nothing Less!” show, and the inspiring interviews with Bob Avakian!

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* Kabul and Herat are cities in Afghanistan.
Tehran, Zahedan, Marivan and Sanandaj are cities in Iran.
Sulayimaniya and Baghdad are cities in Iraq.
Damascus is in Syria. Diyarbekir and Istanbul are in Turkey. Bogota is in Colombia. Madrid is in Spain. [back]

From Shekib Mosadeqrevolutionary internationalist artist from Afghanistan