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The Caitlin Clark Controversy—Greats, “Greatest of All Time,” White Stars in a “Black Sport,” Racism and the Fight Against it, and the Kind of World We Should Strive to Have

by Bob Avakian—revolutionary leader, author and architect of the new communism, and a passionate fan of basketball


A Timely Provocation from Bob Avakian

The Moral Blind Spot of Supporters of Israel Who Criticize Hamas—and Hamas Alone—for Murdering Children

Yes, There Can Be No “Equivalence” Between Israel and the Palestinians—But the Reality Is the Reverse of What Supporters of Israel Insist

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  • Matthew Shipp

    Avakian skillfully weaves together the unique challenge we confront with the very specific brand of American fascism we face with Trump, the white nationalist Christian fascism of Pence, together with a historical context of how we got here—while issuing a very specific call to action now because this is a true worldwide emergency.

  • Herb Boyd

    Bob Avakian is a compelling advocate for real social change, and the more his voice and vision are exposed—and the film … is a powerful vehicle—the more I’m convinced that others will feel a need to join him on the ramparts.

  • Ernesto de la Loza

    Bob Avakian is a man living in truth. This man doesn’t blink. Avakian’s talk was so penetrating, convincing and compassionate…. use this talk to deal with the fear factor, the apathy, the propaganda machine, the distraction and dumbing down to the max. Instead, refuse to live on the dark side and be focused on stopping this fascism.  

  • Dr. Cornel West

    I love it when he talks about my people being all people… My people across the board—I don’t care who they are…he always puts the struggle against white supremacy at the center… Second, the centrality of the issue of gender, the vicious forms of patriarchy… Third, empire—invasions, dominations… And the fourth, the planet—not just global warming. It’s ecological catastrophe… 

  • James Vrettos