What People Are Saying About The Bob Avakian Interviews on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

“In this interview what really struck me was just how deep he went into governing, like how would you govern a new society, how would you actually?” Read more

Coco DasRefuse Fascism, and Riseup4AbortionRights, Texas

“I don’t know anybody that has spoken and written more persuasively and brilliantly about how and why we have a fascist movement in this country…” Read more

Paul Streeton the Refuse Fascism podcast. Street is an educator, activist and author

“I really liked his points on how the idea of rights in our society, which is a capitalist imperialist society can only go so far, like the whole right to eat thing, and that you can exercise your rights as long as they stay within the framework of capitalism imperialism.” Read more

From a young revcom

“In my country there have been lots of leaders, especially amongst the educated minority. I came from a progressive background, but nothing has been spelled out with a specific model as brought out in the interview. I was really moved. I respect him more than any other leader. That interview opened up my eyes.” Read more

From a Revolution Books Supporter