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  • Testimonials

    What People Are Saying About The Bob Avakian Interviews on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

  • Jimmi Y., Boise, Idaho

    My journey started out of curiosity & some pretty major soul searching & long before I had any idea who Bob Avakian was. I realized at a point that I had no idea what communism was, or socialism, or capitalism, anarchism, etc. I wanted to know what I might identify with. So I pulled out a dictionary. Having been told my entire life that communism or socialism are bad, & capitalism good, all it took was reading the two definitions to make me skeptical of what I’d been told. I still wasn’t completely convinced of anything so I kept reading […]

  • Denis Mueller, filmmaker

    I am a documentary filmmaker who has made several films including about Howard Zinn and author Nelson Algren. I taught at several universities. I am not a fan of The Intercept. My view is that Bob Avakian’s POV (Point of View) is a very well-thought-out condemnation of a broken system. I found the red baiting by The Intercept to be a reminder that the liberal wing of the Cold War leftovers are the ones who led us to racism and a disastrous war. Their red baiting is what I call the non-thinking Left. I have no idea what they stand for, they don’t […]

  • Young organizer with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, Bay Area

    I didn’t start learning about revolutionary communism from a principled standpoint, but rather from a personal place. After being caught up in identity politics, criticizing the revcoms for following one leader, disregarding revolutionary ideas for over 5 years as unrealistic, after looking at communists as nothing more than idealistic dreamers, I happened to stumble upon an old recording of a speech by a very young revcom. That speech touched something deeper in me: the anger at this system, the willingness to do good for humanity, and the need to understand HOW to make a real change in society. But it […]

  • Prof. Rafael C. Angulo

  • Rev. Frank Wulf

  • Formerly incarcerated revolutionary and supporter of Bob Avakian

  • Why I Love Bob Avakian

  • The BAsics, by JP and Shonuff from the Revolution Club, Chicago

  • From a photographer who covered the Ferguson uprising, the Stockley verdict and the Black Lives Matter Uprising in 2020