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“Totalitarianism” is a thoroughly unscientific—or, really, anti-scientific—“theory” concocted and promoted by intellectual apologists of this system of capitalism-imperialism.

The Caitlin Clark Controversy—Greats, “Greatest of All Time,” White Stars in a “Black Sport,” Racism and the Fight Against it, and the Kind of World We Should Strive to Have

by Bob Avakian—revolutionary leader, author and architect of the new communism, and a passionate fan of basketball


A Timely Provocation from Bob Avakian

The Moral Blind Spot of Supporters of Israel Who Criticize Hamas—and Hamas Alone—for Murdering Children

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  • A Challenge: Getting Clearer on the Need for Revolution–

    A Challenge:  Getting Clearer on the Need for Revolution—Breaking With Wrong Ideas and Illusions In response to a challenge posed on the pages of, a number of people wrote responses to an excerpt from the interview with Ardea Skybreak, “SCIENCE AND REVOLUTION On the Importance of Science and the Application of Science to Society, the New Synthesis of Communism and the Leadership of Bob Avakian.”  The excerpt is entitled, “Getting Clearer on the Need for Revolution–Breaking With Wrong Ideas and Illusions.”   These responses show the difference it can make throughout society as Avakian’s work is increasingly known and engaged everywhere, as people […]

  • Breaking with “Self” in a Culture of “Me”

    Breaking with “Self” in a Culture of “Me, Me, Me” Individualism What really stood out to me in the excerpt was this notion of “self” in a culture of “me me me” individualism that is a result of capitalism and imperialism, especially in the U.S. & this whole idea of putting “America first” making people think we need to be putting ourselves first and basically saying “fuck you” to everyone else in the world. Or that our careers or “making it” in the system is the only real way we can make a change in it, which is absolute bullshit! […]

  • “There can be no communist revolution without communists.”

    “There can be no communist revolution without communists. This is a plain fact that I see clearly today.” Reading through the excerpt from Ardea Skybreak’s Science and Revolution really struck me, because I’ve been struggling with very similar things that Skybreak struggled with on her journey as an intellectual and scientist. Ardea Skybreak said at a certain point a dilemma is posed, where your understanding is too great, where your conscience pangs and you ask yourself what is your life going to be about. Self and wealth, or the emancipation of humanity? At a certain point I just accepted that no matter what the […]

  • What is YOUR life going to be about?

    What is YOUR life going to be about? Carve a little bit of happiness for yourself out of this cancerous system or live to liberate all of humanity? Right now, living in this parasitic imperialist-capitalist system, with technological advances, which has made global production possible, we are at a critical juncture. Two worlds intersect and one will win—in the name of humanity, we must win. So what are you going to live for and for whom? This system trains us to care only about ourselves. Think about it. In today’s society, the “self,” individualism, is constantly pumped at people. You […]

  • Breaking with Old Ways of Thinking…