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At a dangerous time for humanity...with the serious threat of a fascist America...there is an even greater need for the work of The Bob Avakian Institute to have impact and reach now. Make a year-end contribution.

In light of the current juncture we strongly encourage people to get into these two pieces by Bob Avakian that shed a great deal of light on the roots, dynamics and challenges of Trump's program for a fascist America:

“The Truth About Right-Wing Conspiracy… And Why Clinton and the Democrats Are No Answer”

“The Fascists and the Destruction of the 'Weimar Republic'...And What Will Replace It”

NewC-BookCoverV15.inddThe Institute is raising funds to subsidize copies of The New Communism to be distributed to those who can't pay full price, but who need to connect with the scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary understanding in this book.
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Interview with Annie Day on The Bob Avakian Institute:
Making the New Synthesis of Communism Known, Engaged, and Debated Everywhere.
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The Bob Avakian Institute
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With america in the midst of a profound sickness evidenced by the continuing slaughter of black people by police recently—it is necessary that a literature be in existence that challenges our assumptions and lets us begin to understand that there is a way out of this suicidal madness.   Read more.
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