The Bob Avakian Institute
is a nonprofit institute organized for educational purposes. Its mission is to preserve, project, and promote the works and
vision of Bob Avakian with
the aim of reaching the broadest possible audience.


  • From a filmmaker

    “I loved the part that living in the United States is like living in the house of Tony Soprano. I find what he said fairly accurate and so all his putting forward of the contradictions about the ‘little goodies’ all of us enjoy here in the U.S. made me look at it a little bit differently.”

  • From the Revolution Club, LA

    “A man in his thirties stopped to watch this clip and came over to talk about it. He said when he saw BA’s image on the TV screen, he thought this looked like somebody who has never stepped a foot in the hood a day in his life. But when he heard him speak, he was astonished by how deeply he understands what is going on there.”

  • From a Kurdish immigrant from Iran

    “…as Cornel West has said, he’s a long-distance runner in this and not has given up and turned the opposite way, which a lot of people have given up on revolution.”

  • From a life-long activist

    “I was impressed by the part where he talked about listening to people you wouldn’t agree with if they might have a point here and there… Because very few people will admit something like that, that their opponent might have a point here and there.”

  • From a Tribal Scholar

  • From a Revolution Books Supporter

  • From a young revcom

  • Paul Street

  • Coco Das

  • David Zeiger