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The Bob Avakian Interviews:
Up Close and Personal With Bob Avakian
Heart and Soul & Hard-Core For Revolution

on The RNL—Revolution Nothing Less—Show
on youtube/therevcoms

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Part 1: Objective reality and truth, in opposition to paltry yet poisonous opportunism—perversions of communist theory in the name of proletarian/communist revolution
Part 2: More on Marxist “reflection theory,” the importance of communism as a scientific approach to understanding and transforming reality—and refutation of opportunist attacks on this by phony “communists”

“Totalitarianism” is a thoroughly unscientific—or, really, anti-scientific—“theory” concocted and promoted by intellectual apologists of this system of capitalism-imperialism.

The Caitlin Clark Controversy—Greats, “Greatest of All Time,” White Stars in a “Black Sport,” Racism and the Fight Against it, and the Kind of World We Should Strive to Have

by Bob Avakian—revolutionary leader, author and architect of the new communism, and a passionate fan of basketball


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The BA Institute is pleased to make materials available to assist in deepening the engagement with the new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian.

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The Bob Avakian Institute is a nonprofit institute organized for educational purposes. Its mission is to preserve, project, and promote the works and vision of Bob Avakian with the aim of reaching the broadest possible audience.


  • Paul Street, historian and author

    Dear readers: This and my next two Paul Street Reports address the work of  Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (the “Revcoms”) and the sadly vicious, slanderous, ignorant and reactionary response of much of “the left,” whatever “the left” is anymore, to Avakian and the Revcoms. • In Defense of Bob Avakian and the Revcoms, Part 1 of 3 • Part 2: Against Neo-McCarthyism and More • Part 3: Against More Left Slander and Stupidity.

  • Statement from Somayeh Kargar, former Iranian political prisoner

    “Let’s participate in these important and special screenings of selections from the Bob Avakian Interviews”* We have a chance to live in a time that a leader like Bob Avakian has put forward the highest level of the understanding of the science of communism, the New Synthesis of Communism, and gives us the possibility by basing ourselves on that science with the real hope of gaining victories. Avakian says to lead a revolution you need science and art. If borders would have allowed me, I would have participated with joy, to learn and apply this science as much as I […]

  • Statement from Oakland lawyer on The Interview

    What I liked most about the interview with Bob Avakian was the warmth, humor, and directness of the real human being. Not the incisive philosopher and revolutionary—though he is marvelously both—but this person, with a past, with passions, with flaws, with modesty.

  • Dr. Reynaldo F. Macías

    I am donating [to the $100,000 Fund Drive to Put Revolution On The Map in 2023] because the work that Bob Avakian and the revcoms are doing in scientifically analyzing our current oppressive conditions is important and needs to be put center stage of discussions about what is happening in this country and this world.

  • From Shekib Mosadeq, revolutionary internationalist artist from Afghanistan

  • From a filmmaker

  • From the Revolution Club, LA

  • From a Kurdish immigrant from Iran

  • From a life-long activist

  • From a Tribal Scholar